Long-term Preservation at the Bavarian State Library

BSBThe Bavarian State Library offers to its users access to a diversity of digital documents. Those include publications stored on physical data storage media (floppy disks, CD-ROM, DVD, tapes) as well as online publications (digital monographs and periodicals, databases, websites and digitized resources produced by the Munich Digitization Center) that are published through networks only. Access to those digital resources can be free or limited due to licensing agreements (e.g. only for registered users of the library).

The long-term preservation of as well as the maintenance of access to the digital data pose new technical and organisational challenges to the Munich Digitization Center/Digital Library, because

The Munich Digitization Center/Digital Library has set itself the goal to permanently maintain access to those digital documents for future generations of library users.

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Workshop Webarchivierung

Die Archivierung des Web als Mittel des digitalen Bestandsaufbaus: Eine Standortbestimmung. Unser Workshop startet am 10.03.2016 um 11.00 Uhr . Wir erwarten derzeit mehr als 55 Teilnehmer und freuen uns auf vielfältige und interessante Gespräche und Vorträge.

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Latest Additions to our Digital Collections

Updated daily: Latest additions to the Digital Collections of the Bavarian State Library. Items online: 1,161,942Latest Additions to our Digital Collections


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Recent Additions To Our Portal <i>bavarikon</i>

41 prints and drawings from the German Theatre Museum in Munich, five precious coins and medals from the State Collection of Coins and additional architectural sketches and photographs from the collection on "Rural Construction in Bavaria" of the Institute of Ethnology at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities.Recent Additions To Our Portal <i>bavarikon</i>




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